The test involves either exercising on a treadmill or a bike while wearing a face mask at an intensity that increases every few minutes until exhaustion, and is designed to achieve a maximal effort. We can directly measure the volume and gas concentrations of inspired and expired air. We also obtain the individual’s maximal heart rate from this test, which, along with resting heart rate, can be used to develop a more precise target heart rate range.

Thus, the subject leaves the lab with an excellent idea of his/her current fitness level, how to use this information to improve fitness and a number they can compare to their favorite athletes.

score name sport
97.5 Oskar Svendsen Cycling
96.0 Espen Harald Bjerke Norwegian cross country skier
96.0 Bjørn Dæhlie Norwegian cross country skier
93.0 Kurt Asle Arvesen  Road Cycling
92.5 Greg LeMond cycling
92.0 Matt Carpenter runner
92.0 Tore Ruud Hofstad Norwegian cross country skier
91.0 Gunde Svan Swedish XC-skier
91.0 Harri Kirvesniem Finnish cross country skier
89.5 Kilian Jornet Ultr-endurance runner
88.0 Miguel Indurain cycling
88.0 Anders Aukland cross country skier
87.4 Marius Bakken runner
87.0 Jon Anders Gaustad cross country skier
86.4 Edvad Boasson Hagen road cyclist
86.0 Thor Hushovd cycling
86.0 Ole Einar Bjœrndalen biathlon
85.0 Dave Bedford runner
85.0 John Ngugi distance runner
84.6 Chris Fromme cyclist
84.4 Steve Prefontaine runner
84.0 Lance Armstrong cycling
83.5 Mark Walters cycling
83.0 Jens Arne Svartedal cross country skier
82.7 Gary Tuttle US runner
82.0 Kip Keino runner
81.1 Craig Virgin distance runner
81.0 Jim Ryun runner
80.9 Øyvind Leonhardsen Norwegian professional soccer player
80.1 Steve Scott runner
score name sport
78.6 Joan Benoit distance running
76.6 Bente Skari XC-skier
76.0 Flavia Oliveira Cycling
74.0 Charlotte Kalla XC-skier
72.0 Marit Bjoergen XC-skier
72.0 Toini Rönnlund XC-skier
71.2 Ingrid Kristiansen distance running
67.2 Rosa Mota distance running